Forget proof of concept, go for proof of value

By 2020, there will be 20.4 billion connected devices. That’s almost 3 connected devices for every person on earth. IoT is clearly set to trigger a revolution in theway we live and work, enabling us to manage our assets, predict risks to business as usual and generally make better decisions.

In fact, by 2020, over 65% enterprises will adopt IoT products. And 50% of IoT solutions will come from companies less that 3 years old. ” Sources: Gartner and Verizon.


Select potentially disruptive technologies and try new business models before your competitors


Fast-track adoption, through pilots directed at proving value


Enhance your ability to embed a digital culture throughout your organisation by providing mentors for our start-ups


Become part of a wider enabling technology ecosystem to see the technologies of tomorrow, today

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