Location and Accommodation

Barnsley is located in the heart of South Yorkshire, an area that is historically known for its manufacturing roots. Sheffield and Leeds are only a stone’s throw away, with a great array of services in the areas of prototyping, DFM, R&D and manufacturing. Rolls-Royce, one of our sponsors, have built their factory of the future there with state-of-the-art machining and research centres. The Barnsley City Council as well as the county offer great support and benefits for start-ups setting up a base there, including financial support through co-funding equipment and free services such as legal advice. Where London is considered the centre for investment, it is certainly not an affordable place for prototyping, finding a space to build and test your product not to mention getting manufactured and finding talent without spending a fortune. After a long search for the right area to build our base, we found Barnsley offered the greatest and most relevant support for our start-ups.

Yes. We work closely with the Barnsley city council and they support in finding the right accommodation for you.

Living in Barnsley is very affordable. Depending on your accommodation you will spend between £100/month for a nice room in a shared apartment to £300/month for renting a two-bedroom apartment in the city centre from where you can easily walk to our hub at the DMC Barnsley.

The best way to get to Barnsley is by train or car. The train station stops literally in front of the DMC where the IoT Tribe Hub is based. From there it is also only 5 minutes’ walk into the city centre with plenty of super markets, shops, restaurants and pubs. Alternatively you can travel by car. Barnsley is next to the M1 which is the major highway connecting the North with the South of the UK.

If you come from abroad there are three airports in the vicinity: Manchester Airport, Doncaster Sheffield Airport and Leeds Bradford Airport. Please note that from all the airports you’ll have to take a train, cap or Uber to get to Barnsley.


IoT Tribe goes for 24 weeks in total, broken down into our 12 weeks core programme at the IoT Tribe Hub in Barnsley and an additional 12 weeks programme continuing to support you at the stage you’re at with your company, be it getting investment, relationship building and securing a pilot with a big potential client.

At the hub we have two engineers-in-residence as well as our programme manager whose main purpose it is to support you with whatever challenges you face. The programme is curated to your needs and so your day-to-day will be to work on exactly what you feel needs the most attention in your business. Do you need to prototype a new feature for your product? You have full access to our lab with everything you need to print, solder, build and test. Do you want to brainstorm on how to solve a tricky bug in your software? Our engineers are there to help with any questions you might have. On a regular basis you will participate in small sessions with experts in the areas you seek support, this can be in IP protection, legal, hiring, management or any other area you’re struggling with. On other days, you’ll be at Networking Events to meet suppliers, service provides, investors and potentially new clients with plenty of opportunities to pitch your business. Often, you’ll see yourself staying late in the office or you go out with the other start-ups for a few drinks in the town centre. Thankfully we have a great coffee-shop inside the DMC which will make sure you’ll get plenty of caffeine to get you going the next day.

You get as much out of it as you put into it. The programme is hands on, challenging and gets you real results if you take full advantage of it. If we feel you don’t give it your all why should we? We don’t check how much time you spent in the office and lab or if you do what you planned you would do, this is your company and your call to decide what is best for it.

However, if you know where you need help and you work yourself into it, we give you all the tools you need to take your business to the next level. This is what IoT Tribe is all about!

Our track record speaks for itself, we saw start-ups sign pilots with major car manufacturers, securing investments and getting massive deals in Singapore. We gave them the connections and tools, but they did the hard work to get it.

At the IoT Tribe Hub at the DMC in Barnsley we have free office space and a lab. The lab is in the same building and allows you to do rapid prototyping for any new features and ideas you want to test. You can use the equipment after a safety induction from our engineers. Moderate use of materials such as soldering iron and plastic for 3D-printing is available. Should you need a larger amount or specific materials you’ll have to provide this yourself.

Once you’ve been with IoT Tribe, you stay part of the family. The support won’t be as hands on as during the accelerator but we’re in constant touch with the companies in our alumni network. We help with connections, feedback and interesting opportunities that come up. There are regular events, conferences and PR opportunities we invite our alumni to. Further we continue to share updates, developments and lessons learned from which all companies benefit from. Due to the exclusivity of the programme, our start-ups usually build close relationships with each other and the IoT Tribe team and we stay in touch after the official programme has ended.


No. All the mentors participating in the programme do not expect any shares or payments. However, we had cases of start-ups who build exceptional relationships with the mentors who ended up taking on an advisory role or similar after the program had ended.


Before filling our our application form, please make sure you can tick the boxes on all our
– You are an early-stage IoT company with an existing prototype
– You have some evidence of product-market fit
– Your company is set up by at least 2 founders
– You are willing to relocate to our Tribe Hub in Barnsley, UK for the 12-week Acceleration Programme
– Your company has IoT, Data or AI at its core

No. Although it is great if you have sales already it is not a main requirement to be accepted to the programme and is viewed as one variable of many to evaluate your application. The overall presentation of you and your company is what counts and what we review. Just make sure to add details on how you plan to generate sales incl. a roadmap.

Although we give companies with at least 2 founders preference, we have also accepted companies with sole founders is the past. Make sure to make a strong case in your application on you and your team and why you’re the one to make it a success.

Yes. We’re proud to be an international accelerator supporting start-ups in business expansion, building international ties and setting up their Supply Chain and Manufacturing.

Participation in the 12-week core programme in Barnsley is a must as you otherwise won’t get nearly as much out of the accelerator and then the question is, where is the point? On the other hand, we understand that you’re founders and you have day-to-day business you need to take care off which can require from you to leave the programme for a few days.


IoT Tribe does not invest into the participating start-ups, we’re an equity free accelerator. During the programme we create many opportunities for you to meet Angels, VCs, corporates, syndicates and representatives of other financing institutions such as grants. We don’t guarantee you that you will get the investment, at the end of the day it is up to you how well you can present your USP and yourself to investors.

Mission to Asia

The mission to Asia is not mandatory but from the past we experienced companies taking a huge benefit out of it. They made deals with manufacturers and suppliers, got big pilots to run in Asia and built successful collaborations with major institutions.

The mission to Asia is co-funded by IoT Tribe. Which means you’ll pay half on all your expenses. Calculate around £1000/person to be on the save side.

During the IoTers introduction week, we’ll ask you what you are looking for. Pilots? Investment? Suppliers? Based on this we design the programme for the mission. We have an extensive network in all the areas and it will be packed with introductions and meetings that are relevant to you.

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