Madrid – Coming 2020

IoT Tribe will be host to new and exciting start-ups acting at the convergenge of Space Tech and IoT

The project

Space hubs, “Endeavour” Space Hubs aims to increase the number of opportunities for start-ups, scale-ups and entrepreneurs in the space downstream (telecommunication, satellite navigation, and earth observation sciences) and upstream sectors, to accelerate the growth, scalability and commercialisation of their products, as well as engaging small and medium enterprises in space innovation.


Madrid Business Environment

The Comunidad de Madrid (CM) enjoys a strategic position which allows it to access a potential market of 1,300m people. This has established the region as an excellent centre to control the Iberian (Portugal and Spain), European and Northern African markets. It is the favourite region in Europe to manage business with Latin America as well as to manage Latin American business in Europe.

Spain’s aerospace industry is currently ranked 5th in Europe in terms of turnover and 8th in the world, where Madrid ranks as the highest percentage in total sales with 49% .