BEAD analyses the real-time daily cycle of occupancy tracks changes and circumstances of the buildings from multiple points and thus learns how the building is operated in the most intelligent manner. With the feedback of BEAD the building is connected with its automation system.

BEAD is an IoT device that analyses and learns the daily use cycle, user behavior and occupancy changes of commercial buildings in order give feedback to automation systems connecting it to the real-time operation of the building. BEAD analysis learns from the building and its users and is empowered to start taking over the most intelligent operation of the building. The building will not only be a smart building but also a building operated by artificial intelligence based on ever improving, anonymized data. It controls automation and redirects energy to be used where and when it is needed. Its logic builds on the idea that buildings are dynamic entities and should be treated more like living and learning organisms and not like static dumb assets.

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