Elders and dependent people, especially those with Down syndrome, autism, dementia, Alzheimer’s or other degenerative disease in an earlier phase, lose their autonomy not for being unable to perform daily tasks, but for their relative’s concern about something might happen to them while being alone. Because of that, they use to be always under caregiver’s supervision. They suffer from two main problems. On one hand, relatives usually can’t be with them as much as they would like, and they live with a constant concern about their safety. On the other hand, dependent people suffer from a technological barrier, as they are unable to adapt to the evolution of technology. They can’t benefit from technology.

CerQana aims to overcome this technological barrier, empowering people that currently can’t benefit from technology. Thanks to that, CerQana improves their autonomy. giving their relatives the relief of knowing they are safe, and that they will be inmediately notified in case something happens, so they can help them.

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